Crafting is a core gameplay element in Guardians of Adelia. There are 8 types of crafting types: melee & ranged weaponsmith, heavy & light armorsmith, potion brewing, cooking, jewelsmith, enchant stones. You can use all types of craftings at the same time, but each has its own experience.

How to start crafting?

To start crafting you need to open a crafting gui by interracting with(right click) a crafting block. Each crafting type has a different crafting block.

Crafting Gui

First, you have to choose a crafting level to open the gui where you will actually craft items. After choosing a level, you will see the items you can craft and the materials they need. Each row represents an item you can craft, you will see required materials on the left and the item on the right of the yellow pane.

Crafting Experience

Each crafting type has it's own experience which you can gain by crafting items. You will need to level up your crafting before you can create higher level items. You can see your information about crafting in your character's menu.