Dungeons are 4 players instances that will take players to the darkest corners of Adelia. They always contain one or more bosses, large amounts of enemies and loot.


Each dungeon has a portal which you can interract with LEFT click. Dungeon join gui will open on interract.

Join Gui

Each dungeon has 4 instances which you can join if it hasn't started yet. You can see info about dungeon like required level, time limit and weaknesses & resistances of boss. A countdown will start when first player joins a dungeon instance, 3 more players can join during the countdown. Dungeon starts when the countdown finishes if there is at least one player.


A scoreboard will show up on dungeon start. You can see boss name, remaining time in seconds, darkness, rooms left and remaining healths of party members.


While you stay in the dungeon, the darkness overwhelms you. As darkness rises you deal less damage, take more damage, and the monsters get stronger. So it is better to reach the boss room as soon as possible.


A dungeon room has spawners and waves. When you kill all the monsters in a wave, the next wave starts. When you complete all the waves in a room, the room is complete and the doors open.


When you kill the boss the dungeon is completed and 4 prize chests will spawn. You need keys to get prize chests. First key is earned with defating the boss, second key is earned if darkness is less than 70%, third key is earned if all rooms are completed. When you LEFT click a chest you will get it if you have a key. If you RIGHT click while holding the chest, you will gain a random item. There are 6 types of prize chests: melee & ranged weapons, heavy & light armor, jewelry and pet.