Attributes in Guardians of Adelia consists of primary attributes and elements.

Primary Attributes


Maximum health


Maximum mana, used for casting skills


Base damage, before adding elements


Base defense, before adding elements

Critical Chance:

Chance to multiply your damage with critical damage

Critical Damage:

Base value is 120%, can be increased with some skills or gear sets.

Ability Haste:

Reduces cooldown of your skills. Formula: 100 / (100 + abilityHaste)


Every damage in Guardians of Adelia has an element type and they effect the calculation of total damage and defense. There are 5 types of elements in Guardians of Adelia.

🔥 Fire🌊 Water◎ Earth⚡ Lightning๑ Air

Damage & Defense Calculation

For example if a damage's element is 🔥 Fire

Total damage =

base damage of attacker +

🔥 Fire points of attacker

Total defense =

base defense of target +

🔥 Fire points of target

See your attributes in game

You can see your character's attributes from RPG Inventory.